Options for Your Insulin Needs

Options for Your Insulin Needs

(FinancialHealth.net) – The high cost of prescription drugs in the US is a problem both Republicans and Democrats take issue with. Although both sides of the political aisle know Americans need help, neither party has been able to fully address the problem. Fortunately, when it comes to insulin, you have some options to make it affordable.

A 2018 study found one in four patients with diabetes couldn’t afford to pay for insulin. The cost of the drug has been skyrocketing for decades. According to NPR, the price of one 10-millimeter vial of the medication was $20 in 1996; in 2019 it was about $290. Currently, the medicine can cost up to $400 for one vial.

Some people with the illness need to use more than one vial per day or they will die. The American Diabetes Association doesn’t want anyone to ever pass away because they can’t afford to pay for insulin, so they’re letting patients know insulin manufacturers can help.

According to the organization, people who need assistance should gather the documents listed on their website and then call the insulin manufacturer:

  • Sanofi Patient Savings Programs: 1-855-984-6302
  • Lilly Diabetes Solution Center: 833-808-1234
  • Novo Nordisk NovoCare®: 1-844-668-6463
  • MannKind Support Programs: here and here

Walmart also offers low-cost insulin for $25. However, it isn’t recommended for everyone, so discuss this option with your doctor before giving it a try.

Hopefully, lawmakers will be able to come up with a long-term solution soon. Regardless of what they do, there is help. Don’t ever go without insulin because you can’t afford it. If worst comes to worst, go straight to the emergency room and do not pass Go.

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