Nebraska: Required Mask Gets No Federal Aid

Nebraska: Required Mask Gets No Federal Aid

( – The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t gone away yet, but businesses around the country have to reopen. States can’t afford to shut everything down indefinitely, especially when health experts really don’t know how long the coronavirus outbreak will last. That’s led many counties and cities across the nation to implement rules that require residents to wear face masks.

However, Nebraska’s governor is issuing a warning to officials in his state who may jump onto that bandwagon.

Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts is telling local leaders that they won’t receive any federal aid to fight COVID-19 if they force their residents to wear masks in government buildings. According to a report by the Omaha World-Herald, Taylor Gage, the governor’s spokesman, said counties shouldn’t deny “taxpayers’ services” to people who aren’t wearing face coverings.

Gage went on to say counties can certainly make rules requiring masks, but they will not get any CARES Act help if they do. That’s because “they have to be fully open” to receive the aid.

The governor’s stance makes perfect sense. The CDC doesn’t require Americans to wear masks in public. Further, many people aren’t able to, so denying them government services wouldn’t be fair. Everyone is doing their best to make it through this crisis, but Governor Ricketts has to look out for everyone in his state. It looks like that’s what he’s doing.

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