How to Keep a Smartphone Running Longer

( – Smartphones help us in many ways and have become an irreplaceable tool to complete tasks and stay connected with others. While they start off with lots of speed and stamina, they tend to slow down after a while. A slow phone is not just a hassle, it costs users money too!

Here are some ways to prevent smartphone burnout and make your phone last longer.

Cloud Storage

While most smartphones are lightning-fast and have extensive capabilities to run apps on a multitude of servers and platforms, things can get bogged down after a while. Info and data are stored on the hard drive making it lag and slow down when performing tasks or doing additional downloads. This can delay an important business transaction or block vital communication.

It’s important to install a cloud storage application like iTunes, Dropbox or Google Drive. They store pictures, documents, photos and more on a remote server or cloud, all while freeing up your phone’s hard drive, making it run like new.

Factory Reset

Keeping a smartphone running lightning fast can be as easy as performing a basic factory reset. This sets the operating system back to square one and simplifies going through and cleaning out individual files. It’s simple to do.

  • Make sure all your apps and data are downloaded to the cloud
  • Open device settings and locate the reset option (your carrier or the user manual can help)
  • Follow the instructions on screen
  • Once complete, restart
  • Set up and restore backed up data from the cloud

Android and iPhones are slightly different, but following the prompts for a factory reset will initiate the process.

Background Tasks

Locked screen, lagging apps? It can be frustrating no matter how old or new a phone is. This is a real time waster and may lead users to buy a new phone before it’s needed.

Many apps run even when not in use. Some of them take up a lot of space which can slow down a phone over time. Make sure to remove outdated programs and delete files that could be slowing the phone speed down.

To keep a smartphone running like brand new, reducing background tasks is key. This includes downloads and updates. Check the settings and disable updates and downloads to help boost speed.

Case and Screen Protector

All the performance tips in the world won’t save your phone if you drop it and break it or crack the screen. A good case that protects all the corners is a smart investment. They come in lots of colors and styles, so you don’t have to lose style for function. A screen protector is also a wise choice. When applied properly, they can make your delicate screen nearly indestructible.

Smartphones are a high-priced investment. Not only should you take care in making sure your phone doesn’t get scratched or stolen, but paying attention to the inside is important too.

The good news is these tasks can be performed by the user and don’t require a trip to a phone store. The goal is to have a smart device that looks great and works like you just bought it!

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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