Mnuchin Talks Second Stimulus Package

Mnuchin Talks Second Stimulus Package

( – The Senate is coming back to Washington on July 20 after weeks of vacation, and Trump Administration officials expect lawmakers to get right to work on the next coronavirus stimulus package. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin gave America a sneak peak of what it might contain in a recent interview.

Secretary Mnuchin spoke to CNBC last week about the stimulus package and said he doesn’t expect the unemployment enhancement to be more than employees’ former wages.

He explained the whole point of the extra $600 in the CARES Act was to help people who didn’t have jobs while the country was closed, but now that it’s opening back up, they “will not be doing it in the same way.”

The secretary also said the administration does “support another round” of direct payments to the American people. As for when Mnuchin expects this to happen, he said lawmakers and President Trump’s team will get to work as soon as the Senate is back in Washington. They hope the latest stimulus bill will be a go by the end of the month.

The goal here is to help workers and employers as quickly as possible. Ideally, lawmakers will be able to get it done as soon as they come back from their vacation. The Trump Administration sure seems like it’s ready to make that happen.

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