Minneapolis Faces Bigger Issues

Minneapolis Faces Bigger Issues

(FinancialHealth.net) – On May 25, a white Minneapolis, MN police officer killed George Floyd, a black man. Witnesses recorded the entire incident, and it sent shockwaves through the city and the country. Soon, protestors were marching through the streets peacefully, until rioters took control. They began destroying businesses and city property, causing millions of dollars in damage.

According to the city of Minneapolis, the rioters cost the city at least $55 million in damage. At least 220 buildings were vandalized and/or set on fire during the unrest, but authorities think that number will increase. A police station was among the destroyed structures.

Organizations are raising money to try and rebuild, but it’s more than they can handle. Mayor Jacob Frey is reportedly going to ask the federal government for money to help the city rebuild. How much he needs is still unknown because the $55 million was just the first estimate, and it’s expected to rise. Hopefully, the business owners in the city won’t have any more of their property destroyed by any other opportunists.

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