Miami Retirees Could Face Whole New Threat Level

Miami Retirees Could Face Whole New Threat Level

( – Thousands of people disembarked the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship in Miami after a former passenger tested positive for COVID-19. The Miami Herald reports none of them went through medical screening beforehand. The protocol was wildly different from that of a similar case in California.

On March 8, a passenger left MSC Meraviglia after an 8-day cruise. Crew members and 103 people stayed on for the next one. On March 12, the Public Health Agency of Canada informed the cruise line that the former passenger tested positive for COVID-19.

March 15, three days after receiving the news, the ship docked in Miami. Seven crew members who came in contact with the sick person were in quarantine on the ship. Nobody else was screened or tested.

Earlier this month, the Grand Princess stayed off the coast of California after a former passenger died from the virus. People aboard the ship went through screening before it docked and 21 tested positive for the virus. When it docked, the sick went to hospitals for treatment. The rest of the US residents onboard went to hotels and Air Force bases for 14 days of quarantine.

Authorities took none of those measures in Florida.

The 3,877 passengers aboard the ship walked right into the popular retirement state after it docked. They were free to go wherever they wanted. The Herald reported many of them went straight to Miami International Airport, the 12th busiest airport in the country, to travel home.

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