Max Rose Crosses Blue Line

Max Rose Crosses Blue Line

( – The “defund the police” movement is picking up steam. Democratic lawmakers, not just protestors, are now supporting it. Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) is one of the officials to march with people calling for it, and his Republican congressional challenger is disgusted.

New York 11th congressional district challenger Nicole Malliotakis (R) called Rose a “disgrace” for marching with protestors as they chanted, “defund the police,” while many held up signs bashing cops and saying, “blue lives murder.”

Sergeant Benevolent Association Ed Mullins hit Rose for his hypocrisy. He said, “Rose has been seeking the backing of law enforcement the past two years. You can’t have it both ways.”

The “defund the police” movement is based on the premise that if cities reduce the amount of money given to police departments, they can reinvest it into community programs.

In theory, that might sound great, but in practice it doesn’t make much sense. Police departments across the city are already strapped for cash. Less funding would mean less training. How are law enforcement agencies supposed to combat alleged police brutality with better and more training if they don’t have the funds? It’s obvious there are politicians who haven’t thought this through.

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