Mark Zuckerberg Replaced As Third Richest Person

(FinancialHealth) – Mark Zuckerberg has enjoyed the third position on the Bloom Billionaires Index for quite some time now, boasting a net worth of over $106 billion. This week, however, Tesla saw a huge increase in share value, bumping Elon Musk’s personal wealth by $15 billion.

The bump pushed Musk to approximately $117 billion, which now puts him in the third position, surpassed only by Bill Gates (#2) and Jeff Bezos (#1). Whether the position will hold in such a competitive world remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the public is watch Zuckerberg’s status with interest. Conservatives have been fleeing the Facebook platform for new options, like Parler, and the organization has had a myriad of legislative issues in the US and abroad.

The exciting update came only days after SpaceX, also owned by Musk, launched its very first full-crew mission to the International Space Station. While Zuckerberg seems bogged down by controversy, Musk’s endeavors seem to be making history.

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