Major Retailers Rewarding Essential Employees

Major Retailers Rewarding Essential Employees

( – We’re now several months into this pandemic, and COVID-19 is continuing to sicken and kill people at an alarming rate. Still, essential workers are waking up every day and heading off to work despite the danger that awaits them. Some major retailers are now showing their appreciation for their frontline employees.

Sam’s Club and Walmart are giving their employees cash bonuses for working through the pandemic. According to the retailers, the bonuses will total more than $390 million and will go out in June to all hourly employees.

Full-time employees will receive $300, and $150 will be going to part-time workers.

Grocery store workers aren’t just stocking shelves, ringing up groceries and bagging them. They’re putting their lives on the line just like the nurses and doctors in hospitals. In fact, according to an April report by the Center for Investigative Reporting, the coronavirus has killed at least 41 retail employees. That number is from a month ago, so it stands to reason even more people have lost their lives since then.

Employers like Walmart and Sam’s Club recognizing their employees’ efforts during the pandemic and rewarding them for it is great. Everyone who’s risking it all during this time deserves to be treated well by both their employers and the rest of the country.

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