Look and Feel Younger With These 5 Fun Moves

Slow Down Aging With This Exercise

Staying Active Doesn’t Have to Be Boring! Make It Fun!
Looking and feeling younger isn’t an impossible feat and can even be fun. It starts with eating well, of course, but adding some physical activity into your daily routine is important too. Check out these fun moves and how they can make you look and feel younger!
Embark on a Healthy Hike
One way to get in shape while having a little fun is to start hiking. This is an activity the whole family can join in on. You can even explore scenic nature trails right in your own community. Hiking is good for just about any fitness level; just be careful when choosing the distance and difficulty of the trail you wish to take. If you’re just starting out, start small. Do what you can and don’t overwork your muscles.
Hiking can help improve overall blood flow and enhance your cardiovascular health significantly. Getting your heart rate up allows your body to release hormones that help in different ways, including mood improvement and tissue repair. Being in good physical shape can help you look younger and feel more energized!
Get Up and Dance!
What could be better than combining music and exercise? Dancing is a great way to get your body moving and it’s a lot more fun than a boring exercise video. Look and feel younger by hitting up a local square dance club or meet up with friends for an 80s dance party. It’s a time to let loose and burn off some extra steam and calories while you dust off your signature moves!
Some experts say exercising, including dancing, may even help slow down the aging process. Exercise may prevent telomeres (the caps located at the tips of your chromosomes that control aging) from shrinking and help you feel and look younger.
Make a Splash With a Water Aerobics Class
There is power in numbers, and that’s especially true when it comes to exercise — it’s way more fun with friends than it is alone. Why not gather up your pals and take a water aerobics class? Most local YMCAs and gyms with pools offer classes for all age groups and skillsets. It’s a great way to stay active and boost your stamina and health. It’s also a great way to wade back into the exercise world (see what we did there?) because working out in water is low-impact and therefore easier on the joints.
Master the Art of Yoga
Namaste. Relax, stretch and bring your body back to a normal balance with a yoga session. Yoga can improve blood flow and increase flexibility throughout your body. Stretching can also help reduce the risk of injury when engaging in high-impact exercises. After a long day, yoga can help calm your nerves and reduce stress, helping to enrich your life mentally as well as physically.
Power Walk Through Lunch
Power or race walking has been around for centuries and is even an Olympic sport. It’s a little different than your typical evening stroll, however. With power walking, you build up a fast pace while moving your arms and legs quickly, boosting speed and building endurance. The focus is put on lengthening the stride and making sure the entire foot is used, from heel to toe.
This is a fun way to get in shape and feel younger because you can go at a pace that works for you. There are no time restraints or special equipment needed, and it’s so versatile, you can even do it during your lunch hour.
Please Note: Before starting any fitness routine, always run it by your doctor first.
Living your best life means being active and looking and feeling great! Making yourself a priority and taking care of your health is a good start. Start small. Implement fun healthy moves and incorporate them into your lifestyle. Before you know it, they may even become a fun part of your routine.
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