Little Known Tricks to Slash Your Electric Bill This Month

Helpful Ways to Cut Back on Electricity

With summer in full swing, staying cool is on everyone’s mind. While the AC may be working hard on demand, it’s the fluctuation of temperatures that can surge electrical use and the power bill. Noticed the pain in the pocketbook when paying the utility bills? Check out these helpful tricks to slash that electric bill this summer and throughout the year!

Conduct a Home Energy Audit

Every homeowner knows that a semi-annual HVAC checkup is important to prevent making that dreaded albeit pricey 3 a.m. emergency call. But consider also scheduling a home energy audit. A pro will come out and measure how well energy is used in the home, including:

  • Comparing current to last year’s energy bills and usage
  • Performing an interior and exterior inspection including insulation placement and amount
  • Using tools like a watt and moisture meter to determine energy used and moisture generated when the HVAC unit is in use
  • Using a combustion analyzer and blower door to check air pressure leakage

From there, the audit will reveal any issues that are contributing to high electrical usage. The Department of Energy reports that homeowners could save up to 30% on their electric bill by making necessary upgrades noted from the audit.

Sign Up for Power Saving Options

Most electric companies offer programs that push customers to reduce their energy usage during peak times. This not only reduces the strain on the main electrical grid but also comes at a reduced rate, so the monthly bill is cheaper.

Some companies offer a custom thermostat, which is controlled through a central hub. Customers can also use an app to control temps and make changes.

Start Small With Solar Power

Transforming a home to solar power can be expensive, but there are grants and discounts offered through manufacturers, the government and sometimes the local electric company. Contact a contractor to see if your home is equipped for solar panels and installation. They will determine if the home can use solar resources and sunlight properly for maximum long-term savings.

Incorporate a Smart Hub

Converting to a smart, energy-efficient home starts with installing a smart hub. It’s a central unit controlled by the homeowner to reduce energy usage around-the-clock.

Homeowners can see significant savings on their electric bill when the hub is connected to energy-efficient light bulbs, upgraded Energy Star appliances and low-flow showerheads just to name a few.

Switching to an on-demand water heater that uses solar-powered heating sources can also drive down utility costs when interconnected with smart hub technology.

Stop cringing when opening up that electric bill each month. Be in control of utility costs by implementing a few smart tricks and techniques. It’s good for your budget and the environment too!

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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