LA Jails Refuse to Put Immigrants on “ICE”

LA Jails Refuse to Put Immigrants on

( – In April, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department implemented a moratorium on the transfer of immigrants to ICE. On August 18, Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced the ban is going to be permanent. Now, federal officials are pushing back against the policy.

Henry Lucero, the executive director of ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations, told the Washington Examiner that he finds the LA sheriff’s policy “mind-boggling.” Fox News found the department is refusing to turn over more than 25,000 alleged criminals. Villanueva said it’s necessary to protect illegals who are “afraid to report crimes” for fear of deportation.

In a statement to Fox News, ICE denied the claims that people who report crimes could be deported, and said in this case, those claims are “political.” The agency went on to say the sheriff’s policy is putting “10 million Los Angeles County residents” in a position to be “victimized.”

Immigrants who are victims of crime, and suffered physical or mental abuse as a result, actually qualify for a special visa if they help law enforcement with the investigation. Not only does the federal government not target those people, they have provided a pathway to citizenship for them. The LA sheriff’s claims are verifiably false and only stand to hurt survivors more.

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