Join Facebook’s $100k Challenge

Join Facebook's $100k Challenge

( – Hateful memes (photos with captions) on Facebook have long been an issue. As the social media network has grown, moderation of this type of content is mostly done by artificial intelligence (AI). In order to teach the computer programs to recognize offensive material, researchers need a lot of it. So, the company is launching a contest with a $100,000 prize pool.

Facebook recently created a data set of 10,000 hateful memes to help their AI program recognize offensive content. The company needs more, though, so it’s launching the Hateful Memes Challenge to encourage others to create their own data sets.

By teaching AI to recognize the content, Facebook cuts down on the need for human moderators. That’s not necessarily a bad thing considering the issues workers have had to deal with.

The only problem might be unnecessary censorship because computers don’t understand sarcasm and other human feelings. Regardless, the $100,000 prize pool is enticing. Plenty of people could use that money, especially given the current unemployment numbers.

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