Italian 3D Printer Heroes Save the Day

Italian 3D Printer Heroes Save the Day

( – COVID-19 is sweeping across Italy. As of March 22, there are more than 53,000 confirmed cases in the country, including over 4,800 deaths. In the midst of disaster, average people are stepping in to save lives.

A medical supply shortage in Italy is forcing doctors to choose who lives and dies. Physicians are quickly running out of the valves that connect breathing machines to patients. Cristian Fracassi, CEO of 3D-printing company Isinnova, and mechanical engineer Alessandro Romaioli heard about the problem and stepped in to help. The pair created a prototype of the valve in three hours, tested it on a patient and then started printing the medical tool.

Another 3D-printing company, Lonati, stepped in and began making the ventilator piece. Although there were reports that the medical device company that supplies the valve had threatened to sue, Fracassi said that never happened.

The acts of kindness that are happening as a result of the coronavirus outbreak are beautiful. Our world seems so divided much of the time. Yet, when push comes to shove, we’re one. The incredible men in this story prove not all heroes wear capes.

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