Is That My Stimulus or Junk Mail?

Is That My Stimulus or Junk Mail?

( – The government is sending out the next round of Economic Impact Payments to the American people. Unfortunately, there’s been a bit of a snag. It seems people are literally sending their stimulus checks to their local dumps.

The latest round of CARES Act stimulus checks were put on prepaid debit cards and mailed to Americans who didn’t have bank accounts on file with the IRS. Payments were sent in unmarked white envelopes that said, “Money Network Cardholder Services.” Because the cards didn’t have federal markings, some people assumed they were junk mail and threw them away.

People are upset about the Treasury Department and IRS’ decision to send the cards out this way. However, it makes sense. Scammers are doing their best to steal from hard-working Americans right now. It seems the government was trying to protect people by sending envelopes that blended in. If you think you threw away your Economic Impact Payment card on accident, go here to find out what you can do.

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