Is My Backyard Safe?

Is My Backyard Safe?

( – COVID-19 has many Americans wondering what they can do to keep themselves healthy. We’ve been advised to avoid leaving our homes, but does that mean we have to completely isolate ourselves? Can we sit outside on our patios and enjoy the sunshine? Are walks still safe?

Social distancing is necessary to keep the coronavirus from spreading according to CDC guidelines. However, there’s a difference between not getting close to other people and completely isolating yourself.

Here’s some social distancing tips:

  • Ask yourself, “Is this an essential trip?” If it’s not necessary, stay home.
  • Stay 6 feet away from people when you’re in public.
  • Don’t see friends for social visits.
  • Only hug and kiss the people you live with.

It’s okay to go outside and get some exercise, but you should stay away from crowded parks and paths. You can enjoy the sun from your backyard as long as you don’t invite neighbors over to sit with you.

Some people will need to isolate themselves completely and to take extra precautions:

  • Anyone over age 65.
  • People with preexisting conditions, especially those with compromised immune systems and lung problems.
  • Anyone who feels sick.

COVID-19 is a deadly virus, there’s no doubt about it. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop living. If you must leave your house, take precautionary measures and follow the CDC guidelines.

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