Iran Conflict Has Impact on Stock Market

Iran Conflict Has Impact on Stock Market

( – There was good news out of Wall Street this week, despite the tensions with Iran. According to MarketWatch, on Thursday, US stocks hit record highs.

President Donald Trump was able to calm the markets by announcing on Wednesday he was not going to retaliate against Iran militarily. There had been some concern that Iran’s missile strike on the Iraqi bases that house America troops were going to lead to an all-out war. Luckily, Trump steadied the ship.

The de-escalation allowed investors to shift their attention to the trade pact with China that is supposed to be signed next week.

That means that your 401(k) and other investments may not just be safe, but thriving right now. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Although something could happen to make the market dip, it looks pretty strong right now.

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