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By age 67, on average, the average American has only about $50,000 in savings to retire on for the rest of their lives.

That’s not near enough to live comfortably, especially with the ever-shrinking Social Security scraps the U.S. Government gives out.

But in as little as 5 years, there are ways to force your retirement account to grow 3 times faster than you thought possible.

The Hyper Retirement Formula

  • Imagine a step-by-step formula with the potential to triple your investment portfolio in just 5-10 years.
  • A “reinvested dividends” secret that can produce much faster gains.
  • Why Warren Buffett believes he could generate 100% annualized return in his portfolio with this … if he were a normal investor.
  • How adding this misunderstood investing strategy can more than double your annual returns.
  • How to live off of the cash flow from your nest egg once you’ve retired while still growing your savings for increased wealth.
  • And more…

It’s never too late to invest properly towards a comfortable retirement.

Download the Hyper Retirement formula, and you’ll see how you can grow your portfolio 3x faster in just 5-10 years. Then live off of the monthly cash flow forever…

Here’s the download link.

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