HUD’s Plan on Obama Rule

In 2015, the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) program used an assessment tool to map racial segregation. However, this made it extremely difficult for applicants to get the housing assistance they need. So much so that 63% of cities had their housing plans either completely rejected or only accepted with numerous updates. This caused a bottleneck effect for allocating housing units to areas in need.

This is what prompted Housing Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson to want to eliminate this rule and provide affordable housing opportunities to be more readily available. Dr. Carson also acknowledged the fact that “mayors know their communities best”, which is why he wanted to give them the freedom to make the housing decision that will be able to meet their individual needs. He also stated that if the community fails to provide better housing choices then the department of housing and urban development will readily “enforce the Fair Housing Act and pursue action against any party that violates the law.”

Hopefully this will mean that cities will be able to improve availability for housing options and provide more assistance to people.