How Women Are Winning in Trump’s Economy

How Women Are Winning in Trump’s Economy

( – It’s no secret the economy and job market are doing very well under President Trump. In fact, some industries are growing really quickly and that is great news for women in America.

For the second time in history, there are more women in the US workforce than there are men. The Labor Department report found that December saw 145,000 jobs added to the job market and women filled 139,000 of those positions. That means they took 95% of the jobs US employers filled that month.

According to experts, we can attribute this to the growing healthcare, hospitality, and education fields. Women are more likely to fill those positions than men. Women are also obtaining degrees at a higher rate than their male counterparts — 56% of college students are female.

When Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2016, she said that she wanted to break the glass ceiling. When she lost, there was worry among women that closing the gender gap was always just out of reach. Under President Trump, however, it looks like his policies are making all of that happen.

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