How To Get FREE Swag From Facebook

( – Yup, you read that right. Facebook is looking to promote a new part of the platform and is doing so by appealing to our love for free stuff. Go figure.

The new feature is called Facebook Campus, a dedicated area of the platform designed for college students. In order to join, college students must have a .edu email address issued by their school. They’ll then have access to an area created for their university of choice.

Facebook Campus hopes to connect students who are otherwise not able to socialize thanks to COVID’s forced online learning model. They do make you work a bit for your swag, though. You have to enter some of your class information, join a group, introduce yourself, and help expand the network by inviting a friend. If you do all four of these things, they’ll give you a code you can redeem for swag.

So what can you get? They’re giving away things like water bottles, t-shirts, and beach towels, to name a few.

Facebook is trying to compete against a lot of college-friendly apps, so we’ll be curious to see whether or not the Campus model really takes off. Until then, make sure you sign up (if you’re in college) and spread the word to those you know who are.

Free stuff is free stuff, after all…

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