How Much Money Can You Make as a Postmates Driver?

Can Couriers Earn a Decent Wage?

Founded in 2011, Postmates is a service that uses independently contracted drivers to deliver food from restaurants, grocery stores and more to hungry buyers. Orders are placed on a smartphone app, which then communicates the order to the restaurant and gives nearby drivers the chance to sign up to pick up the food and then drop it off.

Couriers working for Postmates earn a portion of the delivery fee along with tips. Is this a side gig that could create lucrative income for their drivers? This is determined by how much a Postmates driver can make per hour.

How Much Do Postmates Driver Make?

The hourly earnings of a courier for Postmates varies greatly because of different payout figures in each state. Drivers are typically paid a set amount for each pick-up or delivery along with a small amount per mile and per minute. According to the CEO, in 2016, the median hourly wage of their employees was $19 during the busiest hours of the day.

Unfortunately, being able to make a high hourly wage depends heavily on the restaurants fulfilling the order and drivers report spending a lot of time waiting in line. Ultimately, wait times can keep couriers from earning a higher hourly wage.

Side Gigs With Real Earning Potential

If riding around town on a motorcycle or in a car doesn’t sound like a fun way to make a little extra cash, it might be better to seek out other side-gig options.

One such option is offered by ZipRecruiter. This online job platform connects business owners with prospective employees, and this includes freelancing or at-home jobs. One of the most popular options is becoming a virtual assistant. Nationwide, virtual assistants make an average of $60K per year.

Another hustle that has been popular since the early years of online shopping is flipping. The idea is simple. Flippers buy clothing, collectibles, tools, music and more for cheap at thrift stores and garage sales and then resell them at a higher price on sites like eBay and Amazon. Making money this way isn’t always quick, but can be lucrative for those who have time to hunt down salable items and have a good eye for seeing treasure when everyone else sees trash.

Since many of these jobs are done during your spare time, it’s important to enjoy your new way of making extra cash. If these hustles don’t speak to you, think about something you’re doing already and get to work learning how to turn a hobby into a business.

~ Here’s to Your Financial Health!