Has COVID Caused the Last Curtain Call?

Has COVID Caused the Last Curtain Call?

(FinancialHealth.net) – COVID-19 has hit many industries hard in the US. Retail businesses, car dealers, restaurants and bars are among those hurt. The media has paid a great deal of attention to them, and for good reason; they employ tens of millions of people. One industry that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, though, is the arts.

All around the country, community theaters and concerts have been canceled. In Portsmouth, NH the board of directors for a local festival announced none of the summer season would take place. Organizers believe they’ll lose around $1 million.

In Baltimore, MD locals set up a fund for artists who’ve lost their income due to concert halls, bars and museums closing. Houston, TX organizations are also trying to raise money for the industry. The same issue is playing out around the country.

Naturally, Americans might be worried that their favorite theaters may not come back or wonder what it’ll look like with social distancing in place. The industry is pretty resilient according to an article in The National Digest.

The show will go on — eventually. Things just may look a bit different.

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