GOP Slams Massive Dem Wish List

GOP Slams Massive Dem Wish List

( – Democrats in the House of Representatives passed the first fiscal 2021 spending bill on July 24. One look at the legislative package, and it’s obvious some lawmakers plan to use it during the 2020 campaign. Republicans, however, made it clear they do not support it.

The Democrats’ package is actually four bills totaling more than $259.5 billion. Lawmakers added a number of partisan amendments for causes important to the Left including:

  • a ban on Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drilling
  • a measure that prohibits the federal government from considering a grant applicant’s use of “global warming” and “climate change” as grounds to reject their application
  • measures to fund international climate change efforts
  • $3.55 billion in foreign aid

The package passed 224-189, almost entirely along partisan lines. One Independent and seven Democrats crossed the aisle and voted with Republican lawmakers, but that wasn’t enough to kill the legislation. Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL), who voted no, explained why on Twitter.

During a time when the country is suffering a global pandemic that’s already damaging the economy, the last thing we need is a political party using appropriations bills for partisan purposes. Americans really need elected officials who can pass legislation that’s going to save money and help move us forward.

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