Get Senior Discounts Here

Get Senior Discounts Here


Discover Some Little Known Places That Offer Senior Discounts

Getting the most bang for your buck is important, especially for seniors. Looking for ways to save some cash here and there? Start by exploring senior discounts. Most of these begin with an AARP membership and you can find them at restaurants, retail stores and entertainment venues nearby. Here are some places where you can take advantage of a product or service with a reduced-price offer.


Going out to eat is an enjoyable time and many local restaurants offer discounts and affordable meal savings to those 55 and older. Some have their own senior savings programs but won’t just offer them automatically, you have to ask. The standard discount for most restaurant chains is around 10% or a free drink. Here are a few other options that stand out:

  • Outback Steakhouse and Carrabba’s Italian Grill offer 10% off for AARP members but may offer in-house discounts at varying locales
  • Denny’s has a 15% senior discount as well as a specific senior menu with low prices
  • Dunkin Donuts offers a free donut with purchase
  • Burger King offers free coffee for those 55 and over

Getting an AARP card is a great portal to senior discounts. Membership is around $16 a year and gives seniors a generous discount and added perks at major restaurants and establishments.

Retail Stores

Retail therapy is great at any age. Check out these establishments to save cash on purchases.

  • Up to 30% off an annual World Explorer membership at through AARP
  • 50% off select Kindle ebooks
  • Wednesday is Senior Day at participating Goodwill stores. Save up to 20% by showing an ID
  • 15% off goods and services at the UPS Store

Choose one or combine several for maximum cost savings.

Entertainment Venues

What night out isn’t complete without some entertainment? Check out these places that will shave a little off the total price.

  • America the Beautiful Pass at $20 for a lifetime membership
  • Score a four-pack of tickets and get 25% off or more with an AARP card
  • Grand Canyon Railway offers AARP senior discounts for their scenic train rides
  • Visit Cirque Soleil and get discounted tickets up to 20% with AARP

Dinner, shopping and a show. Makes for the perfect night out!

Other Ways to Get Discounts

Getting extra savings here and there is great, especially if you like to visit the same establishments. Stay in the loop and expand your options even further by signing up for email alerts and apps that promote daily specials and discounts. Some email clubs offer free meals and exclusive discounts to loyal customers. Get a prescription savings card through your local pharmacy for added savings. Don’t forget about receipt surveys. Some give away free products or substantial discounts on future purchases.

Getting the most out of each shopping or restaurant experience is just a small way to save a few bucks and remain within budget. Over time, these cost-slashing methods keep your hard-earned money in your wallet, where it belongs.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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