FREE MONEY Tip #12: Unclaimed Cash

( – What if we told you that millions of people are owed money they’ve never received? Unclaimed deposits, insurance refunds, forgotten funds, old savings accounts and more go unclaimed every single year – and a lot of people never even realize the money was owed to them to start with.

Why didn’t you get your money? It could be any number of reasons, from lost mail to a move or just incorrect information. You may have even gotten a check but lost it or forgotten about it. The good news is a lot of companies aren’t allowed to just keep the money when you don’t cash their checks. They’re required by law, after a certain amount of time, to turn your money over to a state fund where it sits until you claim it.

If you claim it, that is.

So how can you find out if there’s money owed to you? Start by visiting  The website belongs to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators; and it’s the perfect launch pad for your search because they can direct you right to the appropriate site for your state.

Every state has different procedures. Follow the instructions to search for money owed to you and then fill out the appropriate claim forms. One of our editors, from New Jersey, found she was owed over $90 from an old insurance policy that was refunded. She completed the online forms, received an email confirmation, and had the check in hand in under 2 weeks!

Don’t assume there’s nothing out there for you. It only takes a few minutes to conduct a search and who knows – you may end up pleasantly surprised.

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