FREE MONEY Tip #11: Refund Apps

( – How many times have you made a purchase, only to find out the prices dropped on some of the items you purchased later on? What if we told you there are apps you can use to track price changes and get refunds – for FREE?

Enter, Paribus. Owned by Capital One, this completely free app monitors your online receipts and confirmation emails. If they find an item has dropped in price within a certain amount of time, you’ll get a refund.

Yes, it’s really that simple. Check out this app review from Logan Allec:

The app works with dozens of major retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, and Target. It also monitors bookings on travel and hotel sites, including but not limited to Marriott and Expedia.

Paribus is definitely worth looking into if you ever shop online. We could all use a little extra boost, and the money you get back from price changes can really add up.

*We are not at all affiliated with this app. We just want to help you find new ways to save!

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