Facebook’s Finest Feature Yet

Facebook's Finest Feature Yet

(FinancialHealth.net) – COVID-19 is forcing millions of Americans to shelter in their homes. People over age 65 and those with underlying health problems are particularly vulnerable to the virus’ effects. That leaves groups who are high-risk without a way to get groceries, walk their pets and do other necessary activities. Facebook is stepping in to help.

On March 31, the social media giant announced it would launch its Community Help feature.

This Community Help feature allows people to find food, supplies, services and shelter during disasters. People who need help during the pandemic can reach out to others within 50 miles of them in the US (100 kilometers overseas). That distance is the default setting; users can adjust it if they want.

The company is also allowing users to donate to a UN-Facebook fundraiser. The social media leader will match donations up to $10 million.

Roughly 180 million Americans have Facebook profiles as of January 2020. With that many users, the Community Help feature is an easy way for people to find the help they need to make it through this virus. The social media platform may have drawbacks at times, but in a situation like this, it certainly is nice to have.

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