Exposed: Government Overspending… in Detail

Exposed: Government Overspending... in Detail

( – We see our tax dollars leave our checks, but we never know exactly where they go or who really benefits. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just easily look it up?

Meet Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of He’s an entrepreneur, but after you watch him, you’ll wish he was an elected official. Andrzejewski’s no nonsense approach to government spending puts him directly into the hearts of taxpayers who are tired of footing the bill for expensive parties and art work, while having to fight to get their own benefits.

His speech exposes wasteful spending of trillions of taxpayer dollars from Ivy League schools to the Defense Department and everywhere in between. Been struggling to live on SSI and wondering when it’s going to run out? Not as soon as it would have if Andrzejewski’s efforts hadn’t exposed the billions they were sending out to deceased Americans… every year.

Don’t take our word for it though. Instead, visit and take a look at what your local elected officials make, then explore some others.

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