Don’t Fall Victim To These New COVID Scams

( – Scams are nothing new, but the creative lengths predators are willing to go to in order to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to amaze us. There are two newer scams spreading you need to be consciously aware of.

COVID-19 Relief Grants

This scam commonly involves Facebook. Scammers will either hack or spoof the account of a family member or friend and then send you messages telling you about a “COVID-19 relief grant,” claiming you can get up to $1,000. Those who fall for this scam end up giving personal information in order to pay a processing fee. Some involve additional links that either steal personal information or add malware to computers.

The takeaway here is that your family members and friends will not randomly message you about COVID-19 grants – especially on Facebook.

Pet Adoption Scams

Tons of people have decided pandemic quarantine is a great time to introduce a new pet into the home and, sadly, scammers are now taking advantage of the trend. They are putting photos of animals for adoption on popular sites, like Craigslist and Facebook. Some are even going so far as to create their own pet sites. They’ll answer your emails, act as though they’re interviewing you, and try to get you emotionally vested. So vested, in fact, you’re willing to pay a fee to “hold” the animal or have it transported to you. Then they will, of course, disappear – and you will not have a new pet.

Keep yourself safe by starting with local shelters. They’re overwhelmed with animals who still need loving homes and are having a harder time meeting adoption demands thanks to social distancing.

It’s sad to think so many are willing to take advantage of the public during such difficult times, but scammers are out there looking for easy targets. Keep these current scams in mind going forward – and keep your money in your pocket.

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