Don’t Fall for This New FedEx Delivery Scam

( – Scam artists are working day and night to steal your money. They run tax scams and charity scams, and now they’re reportedly using FedEx to steal from hardworking people as well.

Delivery giant, FedEx, recently told its customers to keep an eye out for a new scam through text messages and emails. According to the company, Americans have been receiving messages telling them that they have a package. The messages even appear to have tracking codes and a link that goes to a fake Amazon survey.

Once people follow the link, they’re asked for their credit card information so they can receive a free gift. This is a huge red flag. FedEx will never send you unsolicited text messages or emails asking for payments, personal information or package information.

The best way to protect yourself from these kinds of scams is by never giving your personal or bank information to companies if you haven’t spoken to them first. If you’re unsure about the validity of a message you’ve received, call the company. Don’t use the number they provide you; make sure that you look up the appropriate phone number yourself.

FedEx asks anyone who receives a scam message to delete the message unopened and report it to [email protected].

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