DOD Announces 1st Coronavirus Death

DOD Announces 1st COVID-19 Death

( – COVID-19 is spreading through the United States at a rapid pace. The deadly illness is infecting people from all socioeconomic and age groups; the US military isn’t immune, but until this week it hadn’t reported any deaths. That’s no longer the case. On March 28, America lost its first soldier to the coronavirus.

On Monday, March 30, the Department of Defense (DOD) released a statement reporting the death of New Jersey Army National Guardsman Capt. Douglas Linn Hickok. The soldier passed away after a weeklong hospitalization in Pennsylvania.

Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ) talked about the loss of Capt. Hickok during a press conference.

Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, called the captain’s death a “stinging loss” and said the military will continue to fight to stop the spread.

As of March 30, there have been more than 164,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including over 3,100 deaths. Every person who has lost their life from this virus is important and missed. The death of a military member is especially painful because they each do their very best to protect our country. Sadly, Capt. Hickok gave his life while doing just that.

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