Discounts on Medical Alert Systems

Discounts on Medical Alert Systems

( – As we age, we may see our medical expenses increase. It’s one of the more annoying gifts in life. Medical alert systems are particularly useful when you grow older, but they can be pricey. The good news is there are discounts available to seniors that can help mitigate the costs.

A medical alert system is a device you can wear, and if you’re in trouble, you just press a button to summon help. Medicare Part A and B don’t usually cover the cost, although a Medicare Advantage plan might. If your insurance doesn’t help, here are a handful of other options:

  • MobileHelp offers discounts for veterans.
  • Bay Alarm Medical has cost-saving options for AARP, ASA, USAA, and AMAC members.
  • MedicalGuardian offers one month for free.
  • LifeFone will give you a free month if you refer someone.
  • Life Alert offers two free months if you refer a friend and they keep the service for 90 days or more.

A medical alert button is a really helpful tool to have, especially if you have underlying medical conditions or reside alone. If you are interested in any of the systems, you can visit their websites or call the companies.

Who knows, if you speak to a representative, you might even get a better deal.

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