Smash BAD Credit Card Interest Rates Like This

Introductory credit card rates sounds great until your once “good deal” turns very very bad. Oftentimes, the best and only way out of credit card hell is a personal loan specifically earmarked for debt consolidation purposes.

Once you get approved for a debt consolidation loan, you can literally pay off your credit cards with a few keystrokes.
About 15 days later your credit score will typically go up by 50+ points and the same credit card companies that were trying to cancel Christmas just weeks before are now sending you sweet 0%, no payments for one year offers.
What do we think?

Smash your rates to zero, make them pay! Here’s how:

Apply for a top rated debt consolidation loan. Once you’re approved, pay down your credit cards at least 50% and watch your credit score go through the roof.
Then start shopping balance transfer deals like a boss. Once you have a pile of 0% credit card offers, you can even use them to pay down or pay off your personal debt consolidation loan.
Thanks to Even Financial, you can get matched for the right consolidation loan from $1,000 to $100,000. Most loan lengths are typically in the 24-48 month range.
It only takes minutes to get a response from Even Financial, right here.
APRs for the loans are, of course, based on your creditworthiness; however, remember, as soon as you get your credit card balances under 50%, you’ll smell like roses again and the 0% offers will flood in.
Ready to See Your Options? Apply here now and Get Answers in Minutes.
Even’s 1-page application looks like this:

Once you fill it out, Even financial will immediately begin returning offers that you’re qualified for from nearly all of the top financial companies that are a fit.
Here’s the catch… Even Financial is not a good fit for those with very low credit scores such as below 580. If you’ve missed too many payments and your score has a taken a very big hit, then you may be better off negotiating a pay down plan vs. applying for a consolidation loan.
If your credit score is in the low-mid 600’s due to high credit card balances, then a consolidation loan may be the perfect ticket. We’ve seen consumers with scores in the low 600’s hit low 700’s with just weeks after their credit card companies reported the lower balances.
Do you need to pay off your cards entirely with a consolidation loan?
No, if fact you may not want to. There are two high priority moves you want to make to maximize your credit score.

  1. Get your credit card balances below 50% of your available credit.
  2. If you can, pay off the cards with the highest interest rates.

Note that even if you can only pay down your cards by 50%, you’ll usually start getting 0% introductory balance transfer offers you can use to smash any remaining bad rates.
Very important… keep track of your 0% offer expiration dates or you’re likely to be right back in the house of pain a year from now. You got this– time to manage your credit like a pro.
Ready to try it? Apply here now and find out in minutes.
~ Here’s to your financial health!