COVID-19 Hits the Heartland

COVID-19 Hits the Heartland

( – COVID-19 is causing major problems for Americans who grow and produce our food. ABC News reports that businesses, schools and restaurants are closed and not buying the amount of food they were before the pandemic. As a result, farmers are suffering financially as they throw tons of food away. The federal government is now looking for ways to help them.

The photos and videos of wasted food is shocking to see. Dairy farmers are pouring out milk as the demand has dropped by as much as 15% since the beginning of the pandemic.

On April 15, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue spoke to Fox Business about the problems in our heartland. He told host Stuart Varney the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is going to make direct payments directly to farmers.

During the interview, the secretary reassured viewers that the food supply chain is safe. The country is just going through a rough spot right now. According to FOX Business, the USDA plans to invest $15 billion to support farmers. Americans can also help by purchasing fresh produce, milk, and meat products.

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