Cop Proves We Are in This Together

Cop Proves We Are in This Together

( – COVID-19 is causing medical supply shortages across the country. Doctors, nurses and other first responders are having trouble finding personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves safe while they fight to save lives. A Vermont state trooper heard about what was happening and decided to help.

State Police Detective Trooper Robert Zink is using his own 3D printer to create face shields for medical professionals in his area. The police trooper made the PPE out of plastic that Staples donated.

Trooper Zink made 60 face shields and donated them to Bennington Health and Rehab Center.

The trooper is the latest American to step up and help out. Last week, we told you about citizens who are making sure seniors are eating properly. Facebook also reached out to users by activating a Community Help feature, which includes stories about volunteers making cloth masks for healthcare workers across the country. A foundation run by veterans and Gold Star families is teaching kids life lessons. The United States is always better when we work together.

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