Companies Can Win, or They Can Lose

Companies Can Win, or They Can Lose

( – When Donald Trump ran for office, one of the promises he made was to bring US manufacturing back home if the people elected him president. Since taking office, he’s pursued that goal with gusto.

The coronavirus outbreak made it even more important, as Americans learned we are way too dependent on China for medications and medical supplies. Recently, the president announced more changes that he hopes will get jobs back on America’s soil.

On August 17, according to Fox Business, Trump announced his administration was offering companies new incentives to bring their manufacturing back to the US. During a campaign speech in Mankato, MN, the president said he’s going to give businesses tax credits if they come to the US and impose tariffs on those that leave.

The White House Twitter account posted a message reminding the American people of Trump’s success.

The president’s latest effort to create jobs proves he’s serious about bringing manufacturing home. With millions of people out of work as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be welcome news for Americans who are struggling. And although it won’t happen right away, hope is important too.

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