China Caught Hiding More COVID-19 Research

China Caught Hiding More COVID-19 Research

( – President Donald Trump and the Chinese government are butting heads over the origins of the novel coronavirus. China insists the United States created it, and Americans believe it began in the communist country. However, a new report accuses Beijing of trying to control the research released by Chinese universities.

An April 12 report by CNN alleges the Chinese government is imposing restrictions on the information universities can publish in the country. The Ministry of Education’s technology and science department reportedly issued a directive telling schools research that traces “the origin of the virus must be strictly and tightly managed.”

Government officials must now approve the papers before the public can read it. The report alleges two research papers have already been taken offline.

In March, President Trump tweeted about COVID-19 and called it a “Chinese virus.”

He has also said the term on other occasions. This has angered some Chinese officials and led to a debate over the origins. The World Health Organization agrees the report of the illness came from Wuhan, China, not the US.

The communist country’s decision to try to control the narrative leaves one to wonder what they’re so afraid of. If COVID-19 didn’t originate in China, why would their officials be working so hard to vet information before universities make it public? It’s starting to look like President Trump could be right.

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