Check Your Phone, Others Do

Check Your Phone, Others Do

( – Cybersecurity is a big concern in the tech age. It seems as though our data and personal information is always in danger, especially from foreign hackers. However, we don’t expect companies to read information we’ve copied and pasted on our phones, and yet that’s exactly what Microsoft Corp’s LinkedIn is being accused of.

On July 10, Adam Bauer filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing LinkedIn of reading iPhone users’ Universal Clipboard information. The application allows people to copy photos, videos and text on one Apple device and paste it onto another device.

For example, you could copy your Social Security number and account information then paste it onto your spouse’s phone if they need to fill out paperwork for some reason. If you have the LinkedIn app on your device, that information you copied for mundane applications may now have been compromised.

It’s not just LinkedIn that has been caught snooping. According to reports, 53 apps have been violating users’ privacy, including Overstock, Accuweather, and TikTok.

The reality is our information is incredibly vulnerable. We use cell phones for everything in this age, but maybe it’s time we stop that. It seems the only way to truly protect our data is to keep our devices free of personal details.

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