Cell Phone Secrets: Buying a Used Cell & Making It Last

(FinancialHealth.net)- Let’s admit that the latest iPhone isn’t exactly affordable. Not everyone needs the latest and greatest technology for their phone. Ego is what drives us to get the latest that the market has to offer. When you boil things down to the basics, your needs for cell phones are about texting, calling, and basic tasks on the internet (checking your email, banking, etc.). You don’t need the latest model! We’ll share some wisdom on how you can save big and get a cell phone that you’ll be satisfied with.

Used Cell Phones Are Never In Short Supply 

Data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) indicated that used cell phones are expected to increase for the years to come. Last year, the nation had up to 225 shipments of second-hand cell phones, which was a 9.2% increase when you compare it to 2019. At this rate, experts expect that by 2024, the used cell phone will have a market value of $65 million.

It’s been found that trade-in deals have been a major contributing factor to the rise of the used cell phone industry. Many are trading in their old cell phones so that they can get newer ones, leaving you with a window of opportunity. You never know. You might get the cell phone you’ve always wanted, but just a used one!

Should You Get “Refurbished” or “Used” Cell Phones? 

You’ve got to be obsessed with semantics when shopping. Terms that sound the same can have two completely different meanings. A cell phone that is “used” is working well and has no issues. It’s just been traded in to get the latest model at a cheaper price.

“Refurbished” means that the phone had an issue (whether it was a cracked screen or a hard drive problem) and it had to be fixed. The prices always depend on the condition of the phone that you’re seeking to buy. The ideal phone to get will always be a used cell phone, instead of a refurbished one. To start your search, use a great platform called Swappa. It is also great for searching for other used electronics products, such as laptops, video games, or even phone plans.

Where Can You Buy Used Cell Phones?

You can buy used cell phones from pretty much any provider or phone manufacturer. In addition, you’ll find that Amazon, Swappa, and Gazelle are all great and safe places to buy used cell phones. Individual sellers may also try to sell you their phones on eBay or Facebook, but they tend to be risky to deal with.

What Should Your Used Phone Inspection Look Like?

There are a couple of things that you need to be focusing on to make a well-informed decision. Before you buy the phone, should know the brand, the model, what features it has, what condition it’s in, and what the carrier is. Some experts also recommend that you should check the device’s serial number. You can also get the device’s ESN or IMEI for a small fee on CheckMEND. This is important to verify if the cell phone has been lost or stolen.

Once you get the phone, you need the check the following:

  • Audio System: Use a song or video to check the sound quality.
  • Camera: Take a little selfie to make sure it works.
  • Give Someone A Call: Make sure that the calls are working correctly and that you can hear the person on the other end when making a call.
  • Does It Charge?: Plug it in and let it charge. Sometimes old phones have a terribly inefficient charger or battery.

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