Can You Eat Food That’s Both Budget-Friendly And Health-Conscious?

Can You Eat Both Budget-wise and Health-conscious?
Can You Eat Both Budget-wise and Health-conscious?


Smart Quiz: Can You Eat Food That’s Both Budget and Health-conscious?

  • Yes, You Can
  • Not Realistically

Answer: Yes, You Can

The internet is always buzzing with the latest healthy recipes and new ways to use healthy foods. But right along with that information are the complaints about the expense of eating healthy.

Sure, a Big Mac can cost a lot less than a salad, but some creativity in planning before you shop can go a long way. We’ll show you how.

Become a Savvy Couponer

Scouring for and collecting coupons can be a lot of work, but it pays off in the long run. While you’ll often find coupons for packaged goods, they can also be beneficial when it comes to saving money on healthier choices.
You’ll find coupons in a number of places, including:

  • Weekly ad circulars
  • In-store only special offers or coupons
  • Digital store memberships
  • Sunday newspaper inserts
  • Catalina coupons (that print off at checkout)
  • Inside specialty marked food containers
  • Online through manufacturer’s websites

Organizing your coupons and matching them up with other in-store sales can help you to slash your grocery costs. For stores that want you to digitally select specific coupons from their flyer, make the process faster by selecting them all, so that as many as possible are applied when you check out.

Shop Produce and Meat Sales

Most grocers will alternate when specific produce items will be on sale. Build your meals around the items that are on sale each week to save a little extra.
A few extra ways to save include:

  • Choosing uncut and unpackaged vegetables and fruits over those that have been chopped for you. You’ll get more and spend less.
  • Shop at your local farmer’s market or produce stand to get better bulk discounts on produce.
  • Purchase meats that are closer to the sell-by date. They are often marked down in price and can be frozen for later use.
  • Choose uncut meats. A roast can be sliced into individual steaks by the deli,.Chicken can be skinned and deboned at home.
  • Repurpose Leftover Dinners. Don’t throw away healthy leftovers.They can be used for another meal or snack and may even be freezable for a time a little further in the future. Have a lot of beans left over from taco night? Repurpose them into a soup for the next day. You can make small amounts stretch further by adding rice or vegetables.

Keep Things Organized

Keeping your freezer and pantry organized will keep you from wasting money on things you already have. Spend a little time each week organizing and reviewing the contents of your freezer and pantry as you make your meal plan for the following week.
Knowing what you already have will keep your grocery list shorter and ensure that less food goes to waste.

Sign up for Free Online Health Groups and Apps

Another great way to stay health-conscious on a budget is to sign up for free health and fitness apps like those offered by SparkPeople and MyFitnessPal. The apps will not only give you some great tips for altering your lifestyle, but may also give you some inexpensive recipe ideas to try as well.

Making a major change to your lifestyle isn’t easy at first. Over time, couponing and planning will become easier, reduce your budget and leave you feeling a lot better about physical and financial health.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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