Bloomberg Loses $100 MILLION In Florida

( – If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that money can’t buy you love… or… uh…. votes, for that matter. While big donations are no surprise during the elections, it isn’t generally normal to see one person throw a cash infusion at a particular state – especially outside of his own geographic area.

President Trump and Mike Bloomberg at one point seemed to have a decent relationship. It was at least friendly. That changed after Trump announced his initial campaign in 2015.

Bloomberg carried his distaste for Trump into 2020. In an attempt to thwart his re-election bid, he poured a cash infusion of $100 MILLION into the state of Florida (worth 29 Electoral College votes).

Our friends at RepublicanNews have some more details on what happened. Suffice to say, $100 million is a huge loss and, in this case, we’re glad money doesn’t talk as loudly as some had hoped.

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