BLM Accused Of Funneling Money To Biden

( – The subject of money and how it’s used in politics has been pretty hot lately. That’s why we weren’t too surprised to find out Candace Owens, one of President Trump’s supporters, is now loudly questioning how donations made to the Black Live Matter Movement were used.

Our friends at United Voice took a look at the statement Owens made. Owens claims BLM is a Democratic movement that took advantage of the “faces of dead black men” to convince people to donate to the DNC. Check out what they uncovered here.

This isn’t the first time the question of where BLM donations go has come up. Back in June, United Voice took a look at ActBlue, the donation portal linked to from the BLM website. ActBlue is believed to be a widely Democratic, progressive platform. Furthermore, it’s not quite clear where your money goes if the organization you hope you’re donating to doesn’t actually accept it. Read more about that here.

No one has a lot of extra cash to spare right now. Those who do make a financial contribution to social and charitable causes deserve to know that their money is going to the intended recipient. Period.

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