AMZN Shares Hit $1 Trillion; Bezos Dumps $1.88 Billion in Stocks

AMZN Shares Hit $1 Trillion; Bezos Dumps $1.88 Billion in Stocks

( – The richest man in the world is now even wealthier. Jeff Bezos sold more than a billion dollars in Amazon shares in 2020.

The retail giant started selling his shares in the company at the end of January. When all was said and done on February 6, he’d sold 2 million shares worth more than $4 billion. The online retailer is valued at over $1 trillion; Bezos sold less than 4% of his stake.

Amazon has grown astronomically all around the United States, and that’s been good for many workers. In the summer of 2019, it improved wages for about 250,000 employees; Bezos’ business currently pays all of its employees at least $15 per hour. The company has announced numerous new warehouses and distribution centers across the country. Recently, however, reports surfaced about hundreds of warehouse accidents.

Despite the issues, there’s no doubt the company is a force to reckon with. Also, workers around the U.S. are benefitting from the growth. For his part, Bezos has said he will invest the money from the Amazon shares into his space exploration business, Blue Origin.

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