Amazon Gouges the Gougers

Amazon Gouges the Gougers

( – Price gouging during emergencies is often an issue. Money reports that it’s common for unscrupulous sellers to take advantage of limited supplies and public panic during hurricanes and other natural disasters. It’s also becoming an issue during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Amazon is now taking steps to stop it.

The retail giant has a running list of actions it’s taking to help people during the coronavirus pandemic.

On March 23, the company announced the suspension of more than 3,900 accounts for price gouging. Amazon also said they’ve taken more than half a million products out of their stores for violating their fair pricing policy. The retailer is working with law enforcement to “combat price gougers and hold them accountable.”

Price gouging is illegal in many states during emergencies. More than that, it’s morally reprehensible to take advantage of people who are just trying to buy the products they need to protect their families. It’s good that Amazon is taking steps to protect consumers during this crisis.

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