All the Housing Assistance That’s Out There

Hope is not lost when there are so many housing assistance options out there. But unfortunately, some people may feel daunted by the task of applying for any type of federal assistance program, and with the bureaucracy that the federal government is notorious for, they should be. Nonetheless, we will show you how you can apply for federal and public housing assistance without any hassle, so that the things can go smoothly, quick, and carefree.

Recommendations for Applying to Housing Assistance Programs

The federal government offers a wide variety of different programs for you to choose from, all of which have a different set of requirements. There are a number of suggestions that you should take into consideration when applying to them.

  1. Do Your Own Research: Everybody’s situation is different, and you’ll find that not every single affordable housing program is going to help through your own individual situation. You need to get a deeper understanding of the different programs that are out there, whether they are offered by the government itself or by the non-profit organizations, who are trying to assist their own local communities. Be sure to go meet with a professional from your local PHA (Public Housing Authority).
  2. Plan ahead: Develop a plan and set a timeline with daily goals, as to what programs you want to apply to, how much effort is it going to take to apply to them, what is needed to apply to these particular programs in terms of paperwork and do you and your family meet the eligibility requirements of each program.
  3. Complete your applications thoroughly: The people who work at government organizations are very wary of those who try to provide false information for the purpose of getting benefits that they are not entitled to. Don’t pull a fast one while filling the forms to apply to these house assistance programs because you will get caught and automatically disqualified.
  4. Have a backup plan: You need to prepare yourself for a day when nothing may work out or it may take a very long time for things to work out. Leave yourself time to adapt a sort of emergency plan. If the apartment you are currently living is too expensive, maybe it might be a good time to move back in with your parents if they live close to you. Maybe you can get some good deals on properties on Craig’s List or on Airbnb. There are many different alternatives out there.

Private Real Estate That’s Subsidized

Yes, you read that title correctly. There are things in the private sector that the government will agree to subsidize for you. Some privately owned residential properties do offer subsidized housing for low-income families who meet certain conditions.  In return for the subsidy, the property owner is compensated by the government for the difference. To qualify for this form of assistance, you will need to meet the property owner’s rent requirements, pass a criminal background check, and have a monthly income that is less than the maximum (as per location).

Vouchers for Victory

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (also called Section 8 Assistance) seeks to offer assistance to low-income individuals through offering them vouchers. What it allows recipients to do is pay only 30% of the house expense and then the voucher will cover the remaining 70% (exact amount is determined on a case-by-case basis).

Below we’ll give you a brief summary of the entire application process:

  • Complete Your Application: Acquire an application either online or at your local public housing authority and begin the application. All details should be included in the application and everything should be filled in as truthfully as possible.
  • Get Placed on the Waiting List: You will then be placed on a waiting list. Depending on the financial shape that you are in, you may end up waiting 1 or 2 years until those responsible for the Section 8 program get back to you. The best thing to do is to apply to as many waiting lists as possible to increase your chances of getting a faster response.
  • Acceptance/Rejection: Those involved in evaluating your application will get back to you to proceed with the application process further. You may be accepted or rejected.

Public Housing

Rental properties that are subsidized by the federal government are also available to help out those in need of affordable housing. Qualifying for this generous welfare package requires that you are a US citizen or a legal resident, you personally meet with a PHA agent (physical presence required), you satisfy the low-income conditions, and you check out on a criminal background check.