CAUTION: Scammers Prey on Virus Fears

ALERT: Scammers Prey on Virus Fears

( – COVID-19 panic is sweeping across the country, and with good reason. As of March 28, there are more than 104,000 confirmed cases in the United States, including over 1,700 deaths. Many Americans are closely adhering to the CDC guidelines to stay safe. Others, according to ABC News, are volunteering to make masks for healthcare workers. Businesses are partnering to make medical supplies.

Then there are the scammers.

There will always be people looking for a way to exploit others during a crisis. The coronavirus outbreak is no different. The Department of Homeland Security shared ABC News’ warning to beware of new scams.

Law enforcement is aware of a few ways shysters are trying to take advantage of scared people.

  • Duct cleaning scam: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is warning people to ignore robocalls claiming HVAC duct cleaning will protect families from COVID-19. It does not.
  • Fake cures: FDA officials say some companies are claiming their products can kill the virus. There’s currently no known cure for the novel coronavirus.
  • Free virus test kits: The FCC is also warning of calls from scammers offering free coronavirus test kits. The goal is to steal health insurance and other personal information or money from innocent people.
  • Government-issued checks: Some people are receiving calls about stimulus checks being issued. The government will not call you about stimulus checks.

If you receive a phone call from someone offering to help you fight COVID-19, don’t give the caller your information. Take down the phone number and report it to the FCC Consumer Health Center. You should also investigate any charity that you want to donate your hard-earned money to.

Don’t be taken for a ride by scammers. Know your rights and don’t give anyone your financial information. Stay safe!

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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