$908B Stimulus Gains Support, Momentum

(FinancialHealth) – All eyes are on the clock as Congress resumes negotiations on another stimulus package. It seemed like all hope was lost for a deal before the end of 2020, until a $908B package was introduced by a bipartisan group of senators on Monday.

As of Thursday, December 3, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer and House Speak Nancy Pelosi have both expressed interest in backing the proposal. Meanwhile, while Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has not directly backed the newest proposal, he indicate to Pelosi that he felt compromise was possible.

More than 9 months into the COVID crisis, more than 20 million Americans are struggling in some form while looking to the government for assistance. Time is running out if legislators hope to complete and deal and pass it next week.

We’ll keep you updated as the situation develops.

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