7 Ways You Save Money Doing Laundry

(FinancialHealth)- You work hard all week, and when the weekend comes, all you have to look forward to is doing laundry. Now, don’t underestimate laundry because it can add up! Before you know it, you’ll have mountains of dirty clothes. You’ll be left with almost nothing to wear!


Money goes through the same cycle in a sense. First, you underestimate every single expenditure, and then it adds up until you find yourself almost broke by the end of the month. If you want to save up and have enough for a rainy day, you’ll have to be very particular about what you spend on. You’d be surprised about how much laundry alone can cost you every month. We’re going to show you a couple of easy habits that you can implement that will help you save money while doing laundry. 

Start By Not Washing Your Laundry Every Day

The first thing you need to be doing is simply abandoning the habit of washing your laundry every day. Just because a shirt might have a small spot on it doesn’t mean it’s completely ruined and needs to be added to your laundry pile. Sometimes simply washing some of your clothes in the sink can solve the problem! 

Take the Temperature Down a Notch 

It may surprise you that you can consume a lot of electricity every month. Many people don’t realize that when they heat the water for their washing machine, it takes extra electricity to do so. If you turn the heat down a bit, then you can save big time on your electric bill. Having a good quality detergent can help the most in getting those stains out, so all your clothes turn out to be spotlessly clean. The only exception that you should make is when you have to wash soiled clothes. In this case, heated water would be best for sanitary reasons. 

Need Detergent? Just Follow Some Simple Recipes! 

You don’t need to have a doctorate in chemical engineering to learn how to make your own detergent. The instructions to do so are available all over the internet and you can save a lot if you decide to stop buying laundry detergent from the shop. Though it’s a learning process, it’s something that you will definitely be happy with, once you see for yourself how much money you are saving. 


Use Less Detergent 

You’ve got to start getting used to the fact that you don’t need that much detergent to wash your clothes. It’s actually been found that using more detergent doesn’t necessarily mean that your clothes are going to be cleaner after they have been washed. Be cautious about the amount of detergent that you plan to use for every washing session so that your savings can add up. 

Buy a New Washer/Dryer

Getting a new washer or dryer may sound like an expensive solution, especially when you are trying to save every penny. However, the newer washer/dryer models consume less electricity and will use less water to get your clothes clean. So that means you’ll be enjoying big savings on your electric and water bills. 

Let Your Laundry Enjoy the Breeze

Sometimes to move forward you’ve got to take two steps back! In the good old days, people used to hang their laundry to dry rather than use a dryer. We know that it may sound slow and archaic, but this will definitely make a difference in your electric bill. It goes without saying that this should not be done outside during the winter, but if you live in a sunny part of the country, this would be ideal. 

Who Needs Dryer Sheets?

Dryers sheets are a thing of the past that can cost you a fortune. What you can do instead is get reusable dryer balls that don’t cost as much and don’t have to be replaced often. If you want to reduce the static electricity in the dryer, you can also throw in aluminum balls. You’re sure to save a lot with both solutions. 


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